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    Located in Clovis, California, Dr. Peter Simonian and Simonian Sports Medicine Clinic specializes in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, knee and shoulder reconstruction, as well as treatment for all sports related fractures and trauma. Offering innovative treatment for sport, work and accident related injuries, Dr. Simonian has more than 15 years of experience successfully treating patients in the Central Valley.

Patient care is of first and foremost importance. With more than 2,000 reviews, Dr. Simonian and the Simonian Sports Medicine team is committed to providing an unprecedented and unparalleled level of focused care to each and every one of our patients.


Jonathan Crosby has over 143★★★★★ 5/5 reviews.

"Jonathan is always smiling. I really like him."

- JD

"I think Johnathan is the very best there is."

- JQ

"I feel very comfortable with everyone. Johnathan and the staff are courteous and very nice."

- MP

"Everybody was efficient and professional."

- AC

"They treat me very well. I've never had a problem."

- MA

"I'm always happy with this office."

- CG

"I never have a problem with his staff. I am 100% satisfied."

- PW

"Jonathan was exceptionally nice. He was thorough. Everyone in the office is caring. This is a quick and efficient office."

- JM

"Everything about Simonian Sports Medicine is excellent. Dr. Simonian is excellent and all of his PA's are excellent. I am more than pleased with this office. "

- JM

" Jonathan is great. His shots are easy to tolerate. The office ladies are nice when I call them. "

- LR

"This is a wonderful office. All the PA's do a great job."

- JL

"Jonathan is a good guy. Not only does he explain things very well, he also takes the time to listen to the patient. I also like the fact that they have Saturday appointments."

- AB

"I am totally satisfied with every aspect of this practice."

- MC

"Everything is fine."

- VA

"Everyone has been friendly and very helpful."

- PB

"You guys are doing a great job."

- PN

"I was very impressed with the staff."

- AK

"I am very satisfied with this office."

- LA

"I have no complaints."

- DG

"You guys are great."

- BS

"This office is wonderful. I love the hours. It’s been great and everyone has been very helpful."

- LH

"I am very pleased with the services I get from this office."

- WN

"I am completely satisfied."

- CH

"I am very happy with this office. They have a very good reputation. I was very impressed."

- RB

"I have no complaints."

- MG

"Everyone has treated me with respect."

- AC

"Jonathan is the best. He gave me a shot and I didn’t feel any pain."

- JC

"Everything was just right."

- KB

"It was an in and out type of visit. I was very satisfied."

- DC

"So far everything is going fine and I have no complaints."

- AR

"This office has provided the best care I've ever been given and believe me, I've been to a lot of doctors."

- RP

"I am very pleased with the care so far. They stay current on the newest procedures available."

- LK

"I always ask for Jonathan."

- LB

"Jonathan is very professional. He answered all my questions."

- DD

"Excellent staff, very polite. They explain every detail so the patient understands what is happening."

- BM

"You guys are awesome. I love the care from this office."

- BG

"The whole staff and Dr. Simonian are superb. Everything is excellent."

- GD

"They're very efficient. I am in and out of this office in 30 minutes."

- CD

"I think Jonathan is very personable and knowledgeable."

- TM

"Everything has been great."

- LN

"I think Jonathan is wonderful. Pretty soon he will be on his own and he'll have a lot of patients."

- KM

"I was very satisfied with Jonathan."

- DA

"My only complaint would be that I changed my medical insurance in the beginning of the year and my copay is now $10.00 but they kept charging me my old copay amount of $40.00. They never updated my new insurance information."

- LR

"I love this office. I like that I get in and out fairly quickly."

- RS

"Jonathan is very personable."

- EB

"I feel absolutely wonderful. I'm doing so much better and I'm glad that I went ahead and followed through with the procedure."


"The whole team is confident and very professional."

- LB

"I am very impressed with this office. I like that I don’t wait long to be seen because my time is important too."

- PG

"This office is great! Everyone does a good job."

- RI

"The wait time is better than before but it's still long."

- BV

"I have seen many of Dr. Simonian's assistants and Jonathan was the best one."

- LR

"Everyone is very efficient."

- AM

"I've been a patient for a very long time and I have always received good treatment."

- EG

"I really liked the service I received from Jonathan. He is a great provider and I would recommend him."

- CG

"I am very happy and satisfied with this office."

- LE

"I am completely satisfied with my visit and all of the post-op care."

- PL

"Everything is perfect and great."

- JG

"I am happy with what I had done there."

- TF

"We were extremely pleased with the last visit."

- SI

"This office is very smooth and efficient."

- JJ

"This is my second surgery with this office and I am very pleased."

- EN

"I am very happy with this office."

- SL

"This is one of the nicest offices I've ever seen."

- EH

"Jonathan is great."

- ML

"You cannot improve on perfection."

- DS

"I think everything was handled in a professional way."

- DK

"Jonathan is very good. He explained everything to me just fine."

- RS

"I have never had a problem."

- DS

"Everything was pretty good. I have no complaints."

- GP

"I have no complaints. Everyone is courteous and attentive."

- LI

"I think Jonathan did a great job. He explained everything in a way that I could understand."

- CS

"I have had nothing but good service from this office."

- RL

"I would recommend this office because I have heard it's the best."

- WS

"I really appreciate the amount of questions they ask. It really makes me feel that they care about my health. Overall, wonderful staff and great PA's. I would recommend this office to anyone."

- SB

"The staff has always been very accommodating with me. When I call with a question they always make sure I am satisfied before I leave the line. This is a wonderful office."

- DN

"They are all very good."

- CJ

"I like this office a lot. I get seen right away and everyone is very helpful."

- LG

"I like the friendliness of the staff and all the PA's and Dr. Simonian. I wish all the clinics were like this one."

- TD

"I like that everyone is friendly. I love that I am in and out very quickly."

- RM

"I have no complaints. They are doing a great job!"

- JG

"This is the best medical office I have ever been to."

- DD

"I like that everybody is courteous and friendly. The office is always clean."

- DS

"Everything was great."

- NS

"I was very pleased with everything."

- JF

"I have always had a great experience with this office. Jonathan is great."

- PS

"Jonathan is excellent."

- MP

"This office is fantastic."

- CC

"They did an outstanding job on my surgery. The staff is wonderful."

- JP

"This entire office is just the absolute best!"

- TD

"Compared to other doctor's offices, I never have to wait to be seen. I really appreciate that."

- KM

"Since they've moved, the waiting time has become a lot shorter."

- CD

"I am very happy with the excellent service that I receive at this practice. I especially like that there is a girl that works in the office that translates all of the information that I need to know to Spanish. Everyone here is exceptional."

- MP

"I like that all of the physicians at this practice are very warm. They all seem to care about me."

- SP

"I like everything about this office. They treat me well."

- RC

"I like that I never have to wait very long in the office."

- TV

"I like Jonathan. He gave me a shot in the knee and made it quick and painless."

- RW

"I like that I was able to get an appointment so quickly. The office staff was very friendly and Jonathan was very thorough."

- AF

"Everything is going great. Keep up the great work."

- MM

"Overall, I think they are doing a wonderful job."

- DO

"There is a young man in the front office and I think he does an awesome job! He is very courteous."

- PM

"I am very pleased with the service."

- RA

"I have been very satisfied with the services so far."

- MV

"Excellent job."

- RT

"I like that everyone in this office is very thorough."

- CQ

"I really enjoy the friendliness of the office staff."

- SP

"I really like that I don't have to wait very long to be seen."

- CA

"Unique experience! Everyone was very friendly and attentive. I was very happy with the whole experience. I have been to many surgeries in my life and none has compared to this experience. I love this place!"

- SA

"They took care of me very well."

- SC

"I have nothing bad to say because everything was excellent."

- LP

"Jonathan did a really good job. He got me back to work quickly."

- JC

"I'm very happy that they always answer my questions."

- BW

"They always treat me with courtesy there."

- DL

"We could not be happier with the sincere attentiveness of this office and staff. I say this with conviction. They called us at home to check on us when my husband couldn't come into the office. We are so grateful to have been accepted for care."


"Everything was pretty good. I was very pleased with the service."

- TP

"Jonathan is personable and I liked his service."

- KP

"I'm perfectly satisfied."

- SG

"They are fabulous! Everything was great!"

- RC

"This office is remarkably incredible. Everyone is great there and it runs so smoothly."

- LV

"I was very satisfied with my last visit."

- DS

"It was really great and there was hardly any wait time."

- CM

"My recovery is going well and everything with this office is great."

- AA

"They are awesome and I would go to them if I ever need care again."

- MK

"Everything went well."

- DC

"I love everything about this office. The office staff is wonderful!"

- RP

"I requested Jonathan to give me the shots on my knee because he was very gentle and it was painless."

- DS

"I really like that everyone tries to meet my needs and they do an excellent job."

- VR

"I like everything about this office."

- VR

"Everyone is friendly."

- RM

"So far so good."

- GS

"Everyone was good."

- DG

"Jonathan is friendly and personal. I have seen other providers from this office and they're all good."

- BD

"Everything is perfectly fine. I love the care."

- IC

"Jon is great! I was recommended to him and he does an excellent job!"


"I was quite satisfied."

- JA

"Thank you!"

- RR

"They have been great there."

- MG

"They did a great job. Keep it up!"

- RC

"Everyone I have ever come across has been great to me. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone. It's a great place to go to and they have the friendliest staff. Great experience all around!"

- LN

"I'm so glad that Dr. Simonian is here in the Fresno area instead of L.A. or the Bay Area. We're lucky to have someone of his caliber here."

- RT

"Everything always seems to run so smoothly with this office, they are very efficient."

- JG

"The atmosphere is always welcoming. Tina and Jackie on the front desk are wonderful. Tina in particular went out of her way to accommodate me when I had a funeral I needed to get to that conflicted with my appointment."


"Both Jonathan and Christine take the time to talk to me and explain everything that's happening and I really appreciate that."

- AM

"Dr. Simonian is the best! I am happy with everyone there."

- DP

"This office is always professional. They keep it nice and clean. Jonathan gives practically painless shots. "

- AP

"I am very pleased with all the PA's. The staff has a positive attitude. I'm thankful for the help they've given me."

- JL

"This is a wonderful office. All the PA's do a great job. "

- JL

"Jonathan has a nice bedside manner. He let me know what was going on before he gave me the shot. All the PA's are equally nice and helpful. I never feel rushed. I like that they always see me on time. "

- MH

"Jonathan is really nice. He is knowledgeable and easy going. The office is always clean. We like going there."

- SC

"Jonathan gives the least painful shots of anyone in the office. He also has a nice personality. "

- SK

" I found Jonathan to be very professional and personable. He is straight forward with a good attitude. He is easy to deal with. I enjoyed having him as my practitioner. "

- AB

"Jonathan was exceptionally nice. He was thorough. Everyone in the office is caring. This is a quick and efficient office."

- JM

"Jonathan is very friendly, I look forward to seeing him."

- JL

"Jonathan is wonderful, he gives the most painless shots."

- DV

Jonathan has been very helpful to me. He is very kind. JH

Jonathan has been very helpful to me. He is very kind. JH

This office has nothing but good people working in it. I am especially pleased with Jonathan. AM

My experience with this office and Jonathan has been great. AS

Jonathan was professional and friendly. I feel totally comfortable with this office. DD

Jonathan is fabulous, wonderful. I am very pleased with all the care from everyone in this office. SA

Jonathan is very thorough. He explains what to expect both before and after he gives his shots.

Jonathan gives very easy shots. EB

Jonathan is very professional. I always leave there feeling like they are making progress. I am grateful they take Workmen's Comp. ER

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 6:30am - 5:00pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 7:30am - 5:00pm (phones available at 6:30am)

729 Medical Center Drive West
Suite #101
Clovis, CA 93611
P: (559) 439-7633
F:(559) 439-7631