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    Located in Clovis, California, Dr. Peter Simonian and Simonian Sports Medicine Clinic specializes in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, knee and shoulder reconstruction, as well as treatment for all sports related fractures and trauma. Offering innovative treatment for sport, work and accident related injuries, Dr. Simonian has more than 15 years of experience successfully treating patients in the Central Valley.

Patient care is of first and foremost importance. With more than 2,000 reviews, Dr. Simonian and the Simonian Sports Medicine team is committed to providing an unprecedented and unparalleled level of focused care to each and every one of our patients.


Tom Minas has over 122 ★★★★★ 5/5 reviews.

"Tom did an excellent job on the procedures I had done in the office and was very helpful."

- LP

"Everyone at this office is very polite and professional and they all do a good job."

- GA

"Keep up the good work!"

- JO

"Everything is good!"

- VJ

"I think the care the staff provides is excellent!"

- MM

"This is an excellent office!"

- TY

"This is my first experience and I've only had one visit, but so far everything has gone very well. All of the staff has been very caring and courteous."

- HC

"Tom is a very nice person. He has a good personality and is very professional."

- RB

"I really like Tom and the office is very high-class. I would recommend it to anyone."

- HD

"Tom and the office are very good."

- EB

"Tom is a friendly easy-going person and really took the time to make sure I understood what was going on. The staff was excellent as well."

- RC

"My recovery is going well, but is still painful."

- JC

"Everything was fine."

- EB

"I was just very impressed with how the office was run. They have the nicest people there!"

- SW

"This office always accomodates me."

- CP

"Everything's been great!"

- CC

"Nothing short of excellent!"

- LC

"I feel like the providers here are very concerned about me, and I'm not just another number."

- RF

"I've had very good service at this office!"

- JT

"Everyone is exceptionally nice!"

- AT

"Everyone is always very kind and professional. I wish all offices were like this one!"

- BC

"The people in the office go out of their way to make you feel comfortable."

- SH

"I love Tom! It was a wonderful experience and I have had several surgeries before. Tom is just awesome and I would recommend him to anyone."

- JN

"I haven't been helped much, but Tom has been great."

- DD

"Everyone there was very courteous and helpful. It was one of the easiest procedures I've ever had."

- IU

"Tom is very courteous and kind. He listens and answers all your questions."

- NI

"Tom was helpful and the entire staff was very professional."

- JR

"Tom is excellent."

- MM

"Tom is excellent. He is always very professional and courteous."

- DR

"No improvements, everything is fantastic!"

- BH

"It went very smoothly."

- TF

"They are all doing a wonderful job."

- NC

"Tom was definitely all business the first visit, but warm and friendly the next."

- AB

"Tom is my favorite, he's wonderful."

- CA

"I always request Tom, he does a wonderful job when I get my injections."

- CE

"I'm doing good so far, but give me a month and I'm sure I will be even better. Everyone has been very helpful."

- TC

"Tom is very personable, and efficient. He's a wonderful young man."

- WB

"I have already recommended the clinic to friends."

- DD

"I have already recommended the clinic."

- KM

"Tom was very supportive, told me how to care for my shoulder, very knowledgeable. My arthritis is very severe, so the cortisone shot didn't help, but I am going back to see Dr. Simonian. I have recommended the clinic to a friend."

- CV

"It was refreshing to come into an office with such a cheerful staff. Everyone I came into contact with was very friendly and professional."

- KC

"Tom is very personable and has a large interest in his patients and the outcome of care they receive. I would recommend Simonian Sports Medicine to all my friends and family. I do not trust anyone else in the valley with my knee."

- DF

"Everything has been great!"

- EM

"I'm very satisfied with the overall care I've received."

- HA

"The surgery went great! I am very happy with the way things are going!"

- WM

"Tom was wonderful and I can't get over the care that this office provides. Even when I was in the hospital I was very impressed!"

- PC

"I'm very happy with the care Simonian Sports Medicine has proved me."

- AR

"You all do a wonderful job."

- WO

"I'm extremely happy with the entire staff and refer all my friends to your clinic."

- JA

"Top of the line! I appreciate all they've done for me!"

- RJ

"Everything about this office is absolutely fantastic!"

- WP

"There isn't another place I'd rather go for care!"

- NJ

"Everything is excellent!"

- JS

"I'm really pleased with the office and staff!"

- RB

"It's an oustanding place to go!"

- JB

"I have always enjoyed going to this office for care. Dr.Simonian has a great staff!"

- LS

"Everything was as expected and right on schedule."

- DK

"The surgery went really well and my arm is moving smoother than before!"

- RE

"Top of the line!"

- DO

"My wife has been very happy."

- EW

"I'm still a ways away from being better. So far so good."

- DS

"Tom has been with me since my surgery in 2005. Anytime I have been nervous he was the one that was up beat and keeping me laughing so I wouldn't think about it so much. I can't say enough nice things about this office. Everyone at Dr. Simonian's office."


"My wife is very happy, and doing good. We are working on getting her into physical therapy now."

- AW

"All fives for everything. It's a perfect office!"

- KG

"I really appreciate the time everyone takes to discuss my injury with me and how they answer all my questions. The quality of care is very good and I definitely recommend Dr. Simonian and the staff to anyone I know who has a sports injury."

- JL

"You guys did a good job. I'm pleased."

- AL

"Everyone was very friendly and courteous. Everything was excellent. I have no complaints."

- LM

"Tom is excellent and the staff is top-notch. Everyone talks to you so you can understand and I recommend them to everyone."

- SS

"Tom has always been very good to me!"

- RJ

"I would rate Tom above a 5!"

- CG

"Tom was very good about explaining and very informative."

- BS

"Everyone is friendly and very professional!"

- PR

"The care I've received has been great!"

- MR

"The staff has been great!"

- RK

"Tom was very informative and if there was a question he couldn't answer, he would ask the doctor."


"He was friendly, good manners, and always cautious about my feelings. He's very concerned about my welfare. This is the best orthopedic office in town."

- CT

"I got in very quickly. I think everything was fine. It's great that they're open on Saturdays!"


"Everything was really good."


"He gave me so much information."


"Everyone was always polite and professional."


"They're pretty busy and a very popular office. I thought Tom was really good."


"Every time I go in there, it takes at least an hour before I'm seen. Despite the long wait, it's well worth it. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out."


"The wonderful staff are always pleasant, cheerful, and very kind. I recommend this office to everyone I know. Keep up the good work!"


"It's been really beneficial for me to go there. They have helped me with my pain and I am feeling better."


"He's very unique, listens, asks questions, and it shows that he cares. I want to thank everyone for taking good care of me."


"I've been telling everyone that it's the best referral my regular doctor made for me. They just have great staff, short wait, and it's great."


"They're excellent with their judgement on my medical problems."


"The wait was very short. They scheduled me appointments on a Saturday because of my work schedule. Tom's very helpful. This is going great. I'm so pleased!"


"He's very, very good. Everyone there was very nice, accommodating, and I felt comfortable."


"He explained everything to me in words I could understand."




"Everything went really well."


"I think you guys are wonderful. I really appreciate everything you've done."


"Everything's been good so far."


"Tom was great. He's been really good. Everyone is well informed and professional. When I ask questions, they can always find the correct answer for me."


"It was very courteous and nice."


"Very polite and courteous. I think you guys are doing a great job. Keep it up. I'd recommend you to all my friends."


"I always wait, but it's not bad. Tom's terrific and funny, I like him. I was very nervous about my surgery, but he made me relaxed."


"I was helped very much. It would be nice if the scheduling nurse had a different phone number. It is hard to get through on the main line."


"I have no complaints at all."


"I appreciate how much they helped me. You guys do a great job."


"I was very pleased to be back to my normal activities. I am feeling much better after the injections."


"I think Tom did a great job. I am having a few problems but it is not anyone's fault."


"You guys are awesome!"


"Tom was so wonderful. I was a nervous wreck before my surgery and he helped to calm my fears. I am so pleased with everything."


"I like the office staff."


"He was concerned about me. I think it's a wonderful place."

- LM

"I'm glad that I'm getting healed."

- SA

"We've never had any problems. Tom is a really nice guy."

- KN

"They got me in right away. They were very nice and everything turned out really well."

- BR

"I have no problems. Everyone is nice and treats me great."

- RT

"He's very nice."

- BP

"He was friendly and thorough."

- DR

"Tom is kind and very concerned. It was nice because he was very gentle."

- MF

"I'm glad that this office is in town. They do an excellent job."

- JH

"I've told so many people about this office and the shots have really helped me."

- MB

"Tom was very easy to talk to and he explained things to me pretty good."

- NQ

"Everything has been really good."

- BA

"Tom is the most wonderful person. He made me feel so good. He's patient and explains everything. You folks are the most professional agency I've dealt with."

- MA

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 6:30am - 5:00pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 7:30am - 5:00pm (phones available at 6:30am)

729 Medical Center Drive West
Suite #101
Clovis, CA 93611
P: (559) 439-7633
F:(559) 439-7631