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    Located in Clovis, California, Dr. Peter Simonian and Simonian Sports Medicine Clinic specializes in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, knee and shoulder reconstruction, as well as treatment for all sports related fractures and trauma. Offering innovative treatment for sport, work and accident related injuries, Dr. Simonian has more than 15 years of experience successfully treating patients in the Central Valley.

Patient care is of first and foremost importance. With more than 2,000 reviews, Dr. Simonian and the Simonian Sports Medicine team is committed to providing an unprecedented and unparalleled level of focused care to each and every one of our patients.


David Pena has over 50 ★★★★★ 5/5 reviews.

"Everything went great."

- MM

"I really like David. He took the time to answer all of my questions and gave me all of his attention."

- MP

"I am happy with David and the rest of the staff."

- PC

"I am happy with everything in this office."

- DH

"They are all just so wonderful there."

- JF

"Everything went perfect. I was given thorough instructions and everything went through smoothly."

- ED

"Everything was excellent!"

- LF

"They have done a great job so far."

- RB

"They did a very good job on my knee and the staff they have are the best."

- RG

"David is really good. This is my first time with him and he put me at ease throughout the visit."

- RJ

"Everything was good!"

- JR

"My mother really liked David. She said he was very gentle."

- AD

"I am so glad I have found him!"

- JC

"They're doing good."

- SL

"Any time I have a question, David always answers it very professionally and thoroughly."

- RR

"Every visit is nice. They treat me so well!"

- RR

"David is great!"

- JH

"Everything has been great at this office."

- MD

"I love this office. I feel better every time I go in to be seen."

- HA

"I really like this office."

- DA

"I really like that the x-ray department is in the same building."

- RH

"I think they are all wonderful people. I love this office."

- SA

"I love David. He is so wonderful. When he gives shots he takes his time and the medicine goes in so slowly you don't even feel it. He really cares about his patients."

- CT

"I feel that they are doing a good job."

- LF

"We are very happy with this practice."

- EM

"David Pena is wonderful. He is right on target."

- JF

"Good service overall."

- TF

"Everything was wonderful."

- EM

"I’m very pleased with the whole operation. All of the PA's are doing a fantastic job and they all show they care for me."

- CF

"Everything was very good."

- SP

"All of the PA's were great!"

- KP

"They do an excellent job! I have recommended many people there."

- JL

"It was the best surgery I've ever had!"

- MK

"I've had a wonderful experience!"

- JJ

"You're doing just fine!"

- BW

"It's a great office and staff!"

- DR

"I think they are terrific!"

- SS

"David Pena is very nice. I enjoyed him."

- CG

"I am satisfied with this office. They are very efficient and they get me in and out fast."

- JF

"I am very happy with them!"

- RB

"It was a great experience."

- TM

"I would like to see David Pena for my next injection. He is good."

- JJ

"Take Aetna again."

- GW

"I love this office!"

- PP

"It's great!"

- FR

"Keep up the good work!"

- RM

"Everything is fine!"

- BR

"Keep up the good work! You guys are wonderful!"

- SB

"Great personality, great staff, and they are just great!"

- CC

"They're pretty organized."

- SG

"I am very, very pleased with Dr. Simonian and everyone there."

- JB

"They're always friendly and professional."

- JD

"I'm very pleased with every aspect of this office."

- MG

"Keep up the good work that they are doing."

- RL

"I have been very happy there and have referred many friends."

- JD

"They do a great job!"

- SE

"It's good quality care and with that there will be wait times and I don't mind."

- DS

"I'm very pleased that I found this office. I am new in this community and my previous experience in finding a good office has not been very favorable. I am extremely happy!"

- JC

"They have taken care of me so well, I love them!"

- HL

"They know what they are doing and take good care of me."

- DF

"The office is always clean and inviting."

- GA

"I love this office, they all know what they're doing!"

- CW

"I am very pleased with my experience and the professional attitudes of everyone in the office."

- MD

"It took a while to get an appointment."

- RM

"Everything is going smooth."

- BH

"They have been very attentive and have taken care of me all the time."

- MO

"We are so happy with them. They are excellent!"

- EK

"They have a really good operation. I am pleased with them."

- JR

"This office is always very professional!"

- AS

"I've been very satisfied!"

- DM

"Of all the offices I've been to this office is the best!"

- RM

"Everything's fine and I'm always treated very well!"

- JS

"Everyone is always very friendly and professional."

- MM

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 6:30am - 5:00pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 7:30am - 5:00pm (phones available at 6:30am)

729 Medical Center Drive West
Suite #101
Clovis, CA 93611
P: (559) 439-7633
F:(559) 439-7631