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    Located in Clovis, California, Dr. Peter Simonian and Simonian Sports Medicine Clinic specializes in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, knee and shoulder reconstruction, as well as treatment for all sports related fractures and trauma. Offering innovative treatment for sport, work and accident related injuries, Dr. Simonian has more than 15 years of experience successfully treating patients in the Central Valley.

Patient care is of first and foremost importance. With more than 2,000 reviews, Dr. Simonian and the Simonian Sports Medicine team is committed to providing an unprecedented and unparalleled level of focused care to each and every one of our patients.


Dr. Simonian has over 654 ★★★★★ 5/5 reviews.

"His office is incredible. Dr. Simonian is very nice and extremely smart. I felt comfortable with him doing my surgery. His entire staff is nice."


"I liked everything about this office. They did a great job for me."


"Dr. Simonian is my hero."


"Everything was really nice. They took good care of me."


"I like the whole experience. It's very welcoming there. Dr. Simonian listens to you."


"The office is really clean and beautiful. The staff is helpful."


"My experience with this office was awesome. The staff really pays attention to the patents. The service is quick."


"I felt like waiting time was a bit long since I was fasting but it was worth it. The staff is super friendly."


"I felt like Dr. Simonian was thorough in his assessment. I felt safe during the procedure."


"The staff is freindly. They run pretty close to the scheduled appointment times. I am satisfied with my experience witht this office."


"They take good care of me. They stay on schedule. I have referred a friend of mine to this office."


"This office is completely awesome. My surgery had a good outcome. I am totally satisfied with Dr. Simonian and his staff."


"This is the best-run office I've ever been to. The wait time is almost nonexistent."


"I find Dr. Simonian to be a bit shy, but he's also a wonderful communicator. He explains everything to me thoroughly. I am very pleased with him and his office."


"I feel blessed to be Dr. Simonian's patient."


"I can't say enough about how competent and compassionate Dr. Simonian is. Nancy, the scheduling nurse, is an angel in my life."


"I am absolutely satisfied. I can’t complain about anything. I’m definitely better than I used to be thanks to Dr. Simonian."


"Everything was excellent. Dr. Simonian is the best!"

- AG

"Everyone is wonderful."

- AV

"Everyone in this office is great."

- CL

"Everyone has done a great job with me."

- AT

"Dr. Simonian has been an excellent doctor."

- CO

"Dr. Simonian explains everything to me very thoroughly. "

- CO

"This office is friendly and courteous. I've never had a bad experience here. I referred my brother to this office and he feels the same way. "

- DG

"This office is excellent. Everyone is very professional."

- CM

"I really like this office. They are all great."

- AC

"I love Dr. Simonian."

- DD

"I have no complaints."

- EE

"I have no complaints at all. Dr. Simonian and his staff are all wonderful."

- DG

"Dr. Simonian is the only doctor I will let to touch me."

- DF

"Dr. Simonian is an excellent doctor."

- CC

"They all have done a great job. I'm very happy with the service I receive."

- MW

"Dr. Simonian answered all my questions."

- AC

"It's always a good experience."

- AP

"The surgery went really well."

- AC

"Dr. Simonian is very good, I've had two operations with him. My wife is getting ready to have an operation by him as well. We love him!"

- AF

"It has been great there. Excellent service from everyone."

- AD

"Everyone associated with this practice is so very sweet and kind."

- AL

"Dr. Simonian and his staff are great. I feel very comfortable when I go to my visits."

- AR

"Dr. Simonian is an excellent doctor and surgeon. I really like him a lot."

- AA

"Dr. Simonian is a very positive person. I like him and trust him very much."

- AM

"I am very satisfied with Dr. Simonian."

- AW

"Dr. Simonian and the office are just awesome. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!"

- AF

"I never have any complaints and always have nice visits."

- AM

"Dr. Simonian is excellent and I recommend him to everyone!"

- AG

"Everyone was very professional and it was a good experience."

- AA

"Dr. Simonian is a very good doctor."

- AD

"Everything was awesome. I was really pleased with everything."

- AD

"I still have pain in my shoulder since my surgery."

- AH

"He's very concerned about his patients and has a great demeanor."

- BD

"A very nice office. Everyone there is lovely."

- BB

"I've always been very pleased with everything about this office. They are always very accommodating."

- BE

"I think very highly of this office and have had nothing but positive results!"

- BH

"Everything is great!"

- BM

"I've been very pleased!"

- BF

"Everyone was wonderful and everything was just fine. I have no complaints!"

- BW

"I'm very happy with Dr. Simonian."

- BM

"I have been happy with every aspect of care I've received from this office."

- BG

"Simonian Sports Medicine Clinic is one of the finest healthcare businesses there is. Absolutely wonderful."

- BK

"I am amazed at how much better I feel. Everything is perfect!"

- BR

"Everything's perfect!"

- BP

"They've been very helpful. When I call the office with questions, they were able to get back to me with answers. Dr. Simonian is very knowledgeable and wants things done correctly. He shows a lot of concern for his patients."

- BG

"Dr. Simonian is awesome!"

- BS

"Everything is absolutely fantastic!"

- BF

"Continue to take care of me."

- CA

"Dr. Simonian is always accessable to explain procedures and he makes me feel comfortable. I trust him."

- CS

"You guys are awesome!"

- CH

"Everyone there was very knowledgeable and I liked that I didn't have to wait long at the office."

- CB

"I am completely satisfied with Dr. Simonian."

- CB

"I am very happy with Dr. Simonian's office."

- CR

"I really like that Dr. Simonian is so efficient."

- CO

"He gave me enough time and he was straight to the point."

- CM

"I love Dr. Simonian. I wish every doctor's office would run as well as this one. Dr. Simonian is really interested in what's wrong with you. I mean, this man takes an active interest in you. I'm sorry, you can't beat that."

- CD

"Dr. Simonian is very easy to deal with and I like that I get in and out quickly. I really have no complaints with this office."

- CM

"I like that Dr. Simonian explains things to me very clearly. He is very friendly as well."

- CT

"Dr. Simonian is great and his staff is very professional. Things run very smoothly in this office."

- CD

"This office is run very efficiently. I'm very impressed with how well they all work together."

- CK

"I like everything about Dr. Simonian's office. All of my questions were answered without me asking them."

- CH

"My shoulder is completely healed, thank you!"

- CH

"They were very courteous and very quick."

- CR

"I was very impressed. Dr. Simonian had all his bases covered."

- CC

"Dr. Simonian answers all of my questions and he is very patient with me."

- CO

"I was very impressed with Dr. Simonian. Everything went very smoothly and I can't think of anything that could have gone better."

- CA

"Everybody is really friendly and I always get in right away. The office is really nice and clean."

- CM

"I have not had surgery so I can't comment about the outcome of my care, but I am very pleased with Dr. Simonian and will continue to see him."

- CL

"I am completely satisfied in all areas of this office!"

- DP

"Thank you to Dr. Simonian and the clinic for helping me!"

- DG

"Everything was great. I recommend Dr. Simonian very highly."

- DL

"Couldn't ask for better care!"

- DM

"It's a beautiful place and the care doesn’t get any better than this. Dr. Simonian and the staff are awesome."

- DO

"It's a great staff. Great everything. Everything was very professional."

- DP

"Everything has been great and I've had no problems."

- DG

"The service was great and everyone at this office is great."

- DP

"Dr. Simonian is a great doctor. His staff is awesome."

- DG

"Everyone is always friendly and courteous."

- DD

"Dr. Simonian is an excellent surgeon."

- DE

"This has been the best experience I've ever had with a doctor's office."

- DL

"Everyone was very friendly and professional."

- DS

"Great office!"

- DL

"Dr. Simonian did a great job!"

- DC

"This is going to be my second surgery and I wouldn't let anyone but Dr. Simonian do it!"

- DC

"I was very satisfied!"

- DM


- DW

"Everything was excellent. I was seen on a Saturday and everything was so nice."

- DT

"Nothing but good experiences from this office!"

- DB

"Dr. Simonian is a very compassionate doctor."

- DS

"Dr. Siminonian was very punctual and informative."

- DC

"Dr. Simonian is personable and very professional. He really takes an interest in his patients. He's excellent."

- DC

"Excellent office!"

- DG

"I totally appreciate Dr. Simonian and all the staff. I don't know what I would do without them!"

- DG

"The staff was extremely courteous. I've been to him more than once and I am completely satisfied."

- DK

"Their building is beautiful and the staff is really nice."

- DM

"My appointments go smoothly and I am never disappointed."

- DW

"Dr. Simonian is very professional, easy to talk to and knowledgeable about injuries."

- DL

"I think he has a good, caring approach and a good bedside manner. He's able to effectively communicate."

- DC

"Everyone is always very friendly!"

- ET

"Dr. Simonian really does put the care of his patients first and devotes himself to a 100 percent recovery."

- EA

"I've always had bad back and knee issues but Dr. Simonian is the best doctor I've ever had!"

- EV

"Dr. Simonian is a great surgeon! I didn't expect to recover with no pain whatsoever!"

- EO

"I was really, really pleased with Dr. Simonian's work. I would recommend my friends to Dr. Simonian."

- EG

"He explains everything so simply no matter what your case is. He's an awesome doctor."

- FD

"I've always had excellent care from this office and everyone is always very friendly! When I get my injections everything is always explained to me step by step."

- FR

"Dr. Simonian is a very good surgeon. He really knows what he's doing."

- FA

"Dr. Simonian is the best."

- FB

"I'm in therapy but everything seems to be going well!"

- GM

"This office makes things easy. It is very patient-friendly. Sometimes I feel you can get lost in the medical system, but I don't feel that way with this office."

- GP

"Everything has gone very well for me!"

- GK

"I have already referred about five coworkers and friends to this office. That's the best compliment I can give."

- GP

"My husband is very satisfied with Dr. Simonian."

- GC

"I was very happy with the service there!"

- GK

"Dr. Simonian was very nice and easy to talk to."

- GD

"I am very satisfied with Dr. Simonian."

- GT

"I couldn't ask for a better orthopaedic doctor!"

- GS

"I am always satisfied with Dr. Simonian. He runs a tremendous office."

- GD

"My husband is completey satisfied with Dr. Simonian."

- HB

"Dr. Simonian is very cordial and hands-on. He is very interested in your health. Everything was great!"

- HP

"Dr. Simonian is a very good doctor!"

- HD

"Dr. Simonian's assistants are excellent. I would rate Dr. Simonian a 10 out of five if I could."

- HF

"Everyone is friendly and helpful."

- IE

"I would recommend this office anytime!"

- JH

"I recommend Dr. Simonian all the time."

- JH

"I have been very happy with the service and am still undergoing treatment."

- JS

"This office is extremely professional and well organized. Everyone is also very nice and courteous. I cannot speak highly enough about this office!"

- JT

"I think Dr. Simonian should buy every staff member a new Porsche or Mercedes because everyone is wonderful! I would rate this office very highly, and would recommend to anyone!"

- JT

"Dr. Simonian knows what he's doing and I recommend him to everyone."

- JP

"They are always on top of everything! There are very few offices that can run like this!"

- JB

"Dr. Simonian is an excellent doctor."

- JT

"I have no complaints."

- JC

"I think Dr. Simonian and his staff are all excellent!"

- JC

"Just great!"

- JH

"Dr. Simonian is very professional and very skilled at his work."

- JN

"I have no complaints."

- JL

"I've been very happy. Surgery is never fun, but despite the circumstances, everything has been very pleasant."

- JJ

"Dr. Simonian is great doctor in my opinion!"

- JB

"You wait a long time at the office but it is well worth it because Dr. Simonian gives you all his attention."

- JB

"Dr. Simonian is an excellent doctor."

- JK

"I like that Dr. Simonian is very conservative in his diagnosis. He doesn't push surgery as many others in this field do. Dr. Simonian is really good and I have been recommending him."

- JL

"They really know how to take care of their patient."

- JC

"This office is the best office I've ever been to. I couldn’t be happier."

- JA

"Dr. Simonian is very nice. I like him a lot."

- JA

"Dr. Simonian has taken really good care of me!"

- JN

"They are all great, wonderful!"

- JR

"Dr. Simonian is a great doctor."

- JG

"Everyone treats me really well. I am very thankful to have found Dr. Simonian."

- JJ

"Everything is going good."

- JM

"I've been very pleased with the care I've received and the recovery has been great!"

- JC

"Everything went really well. I was very pleased with Dr. Simonian."

- JR

"I appreciate Dr. Simonian, my knee feels so much better! No complaints whatsoever!"

- JM

"I think everyone in this office is fantastic!"

- JC

"It's been a very good experience. No complaints whatsoever."

- JC

"I am very happy with everything at this office!"

- JE

"I don't have any bad experiences whatsoever."

- JH

"Dr. Simonian is super."

- JR

"Everyone in the office is very professional!"

- JB

"The staff is very efficient. I can’t think of anything negative to say."

- JE

"A+ service!"

- JS

"It's been a great experience. I have no complaints."

- JG

"It's always a pleasant experience in this office."

- JH

"I've only had one visit, but it was great!"

- JF

"I think this office is excellent and if I ever have problems again I will return!"

- JB

"I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity of having my surgery done by Dr. Simonian."

- JL

"Dr. Simonian is very courteous and a very good doctor!"

- JP

"The wait is a bit long but you guys are excellent!"

- DJ

"My visit was excellent."

- JA

"Dr. Simonian was very patient and seemed concerned."

- JA

"Nothing short of excellent!"

- JD

"Keep up the good work. Dr. Simonian gets me in and out. The office staff are courteous and efficient."

- KB

"This office does an outstanding job. Everyone is professional and friendly."

- KV

"Couldn't ask for anything better!"

- KM

"Dr. Simonian and his office are awesome."

- KK

"Everything is great!"

- KG

"Dr. Simonian and employees show a lot of affection. He has high caliber expertise."

- KH


- KP

"Everyone in the office is great!"

- KN

"Experience with this office has been bar none the best experience I've ever had with a doctor's office. The whole office is top notch!"

- KR

"I have received excellent care here!"

- KM

"This office is great!"

- KS

"I like the service from this office so far."

- LD

"Thank you very much!"

- LJ

"No complaints here!"

- LL

"Dr. Simonian was very professional and the staff was very helpful and polite. It made the whole process easier."

- LR

"I had a good experience and I recommend Dr. Simonian all the time."

- LH

"I like Dr. Simonian because he cares about you."

- LH

"Dr. Simonian is awesome!"

- LD

"Couldn't ask for anything better!"

- LG

"Everything is great. I've never been so pleased with any doctor's office!"

- LW

"I think everything is great!"

- MH

"Dr. Simonian is the best orthopaedic surgeon!"

- MZ

"Everything has been excellent all the way around. The surgery went great and the office has been great in assisting with my recovery."

- ME

"Everything is great. I love that I don’t have to wait long to be seen."

- MW

"Dr. Simonian is brilliant."

- MS

"The staff is very friendly and informative. I like that they take an interest in what I have to say and that they take the time to listen to my input."

- MR

"I always try to refer Dr. Simonian to as many people as I possibly can! He is a wonderful doctor and is highly recommended!"

- MO

"Everything about office and staff was tops. I've had work done by other doctors but I never realized what a difference having such a wonderful and caring staff makes. Dr. Simonian is an excellent doctor and I would definitely go back."

- M

"This is a nice office and I would recommend it to all my family."

- ML

"I think this office is awesome! I always look forward to coming into the office."

- MH

"Thank you for fixing my leg!"

- MP

"I like the way I was treated. Dr. Simonian is very respectful and helpful."

- MG

"This is the most excellent office I've ever seen. The staff is very friendly, there’s no wait and Dr. Simonian is the best."

- MD

"You are doing a great job and I will continue to refer people to this office."

- MF

"My surgery came out fine and I'm good!"

- MF

"It was a pleasant experience."

- MN

"Everything is going fine!"

- MS

"I feel great!"

- MP

"I was impressed with Dr. Simonian's gentle speaking way. He is in control of everything."

- MK

"Great staff and doctor!"

- NL

"Everything was good."

- NS

"Everything has been very good!"

- NS

"This office could not improve in any way. They are all wonderful!"

- NO

"Everything was great!"

- NS

"Dr. Simionian has a very good bedside manner and is good at explaining what he will be doing. I haven't had my surgery yet, but so far it's been a good experience."

- NB

"I appreciate Dr. Simonian and his thoroughness."

- PV

"I think Dr. Simonian is the most caring and concerned doctor I have ever been to."

- PH

"Dr. Simonian is absolutely amazing!"

- PC

"Dr. Simonian is great! He is very caring and soft-spoken and calms you down when you're upset."

- PV

"I like that Dr. Simonian listens to me and explains things to me very clearly. My surgery was great and all my scars went away very fast."

- RM

"Everything was excellent and I have already recommended my family to see him."

- RA

"Everything is wonderful!"

- RP

"I like everything about Dr. Simonian."

- RI

"I think when Dr. Simonian was putting together this office he just surrounded himself with staff who are angels."

- RK

"My insurance originally denied my MRI claim and the staff got it approved. I really appreciated that. I'm feeling better and everything is good."

- RB

"Dr. Simonian is excellent!"

- RG

"You couldn't meet a better doctor than Dr. Simonian. He has a perfect bedside manner, takes great care of his patients and has a wonderful staff."

- RM

"I'm thrilled with the care I have received from this office."

- RP

"This office is really great! If they schedule you a 10:15 appointment you know you will be seen at 10:15!"

- RA

"Best bedside manner! I have been to many offices and this is the best I have ever visited! I highly recommend him to anyone!"

- RH

"Everything related to this office was excellent. Everyone was very professional and did everything to ensure I received excellent care."

- RK

"I was able to walk after two days with no pain. I had a really quick recovery and I thought everything went great."

- RP

"It's an all around excellent office!"

- RR

"This office is top of the line!"

- SS

"I didn't have any problems at all. Dr. Simonian's office deserves high scores."

- SC

"Everyone has been nice and the procedure was great! They got my disability paperwork a little messed up, but we got that straightened out."

- SG

"I think the staff does a wonderful job."

- SB

"I've had several surgeries done by Dr. Simonian and have gotten great treatment from start to finish. Dr. Simonian's assistants are wonderful and always very quick to provide great service!"

- SG

"Everything is well organized."

- SP

"I'm so glad my daughter's arm doesn't hurt anymore."

- SF

"Dr. Simonian is great!"

- SH

"They have really good service. Very friendly staff and they make me feel really good. I like going there."

- SL

"I was very impressed with the efficiency of the office given the size of the practice."

- SB

"Dr. Simonian is very personable and really cares about you. He talks right to you and even though he is a brilliant surgeon, he explains things in a way that is very easy to understand."

- SS

"Couldn't ask for anything better!"

- SJ

"Everyone at the office was very friendly and helpful."

- SV

"The office is friendly and Dr. Simonian is very personable."

- SM

"We love Dr. Simonian!"

- TT

"This office is very efficient. I was very impressed."

- TM

"Everything has been phenomenal. The service was excellent."

- TS

"I’ve only seen Dr. Simonian one time, but he seems very caring and knowledgeable."

- TS

"Everything went smoothly and I didn’t have to wait to be seen."

- TM

"Dr. Simonian is great. The staff is wonderful."

- TL

"Once we got in and everything got situated, Dr. Simonian did a great job at taking care of my son!"

- TM

"I recommended this office to my mother and brother who both have also had surgery here, and we all have nothing but good things to say!"

- TP

"I was pretty amazed that it was such a quick visit."

- TB

"Dr. Simonian is the best."

- VK

"They're always wonderful!"

- VS

"Everyone in this office has been wonderful! They are excellent all the way around!"

- VS

"He's very thorough and wants to take care of the problem."

- VL

"I am very satisfied with Dr. Simonian."

- WH

"Dr. Simonian is a really nice guy. He was the one everyone recommended so that's why I went to him."

- WN

"You guys are all good!"

- WR

"I am very happy with this office."

- WS

"I wish I had known about Dr. Simonian's office a long time before a friend told me. I would have gone to him long before I did. It's been wonderful."

- YS

"Everything is great! They've always been very accomodating."

- YA

"I'm glad to be a patient of this office!"

- ZA

"All I can say is that I received great care."

- AT

"Everyone was great with my daughter. Hopefully I won’t have to take my daughter there again. But if she needed more care, I would choose this office."

- AB

"They do a very good job. I am very happy with the care."


"Dr. Simonian takes good care of me. I don’t wait very long to see the doctor."

- AF

"I'm very happy with the care I have received. Dr. Simonian is excellent."

- AB

"Dr. Simonian is awesome!"

- AD

"It was the best experience."

- AG

"I wouldn't go to anyone else, he is great!"

- AR

"Everyone treated me really well. Dr. Simonian explained to me about my surgery and I was very satisfied."

- AV

"Keep up the good work."

- AC

"I have nothing bad to say about this office. Dr. Simonian has a very good reputation."

- BB

"Excellent describes Dr. Simonian."

- BH

"Dr. Simonian showed great concern and provided great care!"

- BR

"I really enjoy my visits. The office staff is very friendly and Dr. Simonian is great!"

- BO

"Dr. Simonian has a great personality and he has always done a good job with my medical problems."

- BB

"This office is outstanding all the way around! Everyone is always so williing to work with me and always seems very concerned. My procedure turned out great!"

- BH

"You're doing a good job! Keep it up!"

- BB

"I really enjoy the friendliness of the entire staff."

- CA

"Dr. Simonian is highly recommended!"

- CM

"It has been a good experience."

- CS

"Dr. Simonian was great!"

- CM

"I think Dr. Simonian is the best doctor in town and he has a great bedside manner."

- DT

"I feel they work very hard in dealing with the insurance companies."

- DF

"This is the best office I have been to."

- DO

"This is an excellent office! I would definitely recommend them."

- DP

"I think this is the most organized office I have ever been to."

- DJ

"Dr. Simonian is considerate and caring. I don't feel like a number, or just another patient with him. I feel like he truly has my best interests at heart. I love him."

- DS

"I am very pleased with the service from this office. My husband and friend are patients of Dr. Simonian too and they love the office."

- DW

"It was a pleasant visit."

- DJ

"If there was a higher rating I would rate Dr. Simonian higher than a five."

- ES

"Dr. Simonian is a very approachable physician. I really like his humbleness."

- EL

"Dr. Simonian is an excellent doctor, I really liked him."

- FC

"You are all super! Dr. Simonian is a 10!"

- FP

"I really like the staff. They were all very kind."

- GF

"This office is the best I have ever been to."

- GZ

"I have no complaints with how Dr. Simonian runs his office. Dr. Simonian is a very professional doctor and treats me with much respect. The care I received was excellent!"

- GM

"Absolutely fantastic!"

- HJ

"Dr. Simonian is a perfectionist. The office is really organized and I love the staff."

- HA

"I have only been there once and only saw Dr. Simonian for a short minute, but I would still recommend him."

- IC

"Dr. Simonian is very attentive and caring."

- IS

"The staff is very nice and makes you feel at ease."

- IP

"I receive very good care from the office staff and Dr. Simonian."

- JC

"I really like that I never have to wait very long in the office to be seen."

- JG

"I have been very pleased with everyone there and it's just an awesome place to go to when you're hurt."

- JR

"The service is excellent at this office."

- JB

"The staff is great and Dr. Simonian did an awesome job."

- JM

"Dr. Simonian is an excellent provider, very down to earth, and funny. I would recommend him to anyone."

- JR

"I'm very happy, I couldn't ask for a better doctor!"

- JK

"I like that they make me feel comfortable in this office."


"I was very pleased with my procedure. I am in physical therapy and I am doing great!"

- JM

"It is just amazing there."

- KT

"Dr. Simonian explains things clearly to me."

- KG

"I think Dr. Simonian is doing a great job in everything."

- KH

"Dr. Simonian is fantastic."

- LB

"I am very happy with this office."

- LS

"Everyone is great!"

- LH

"It's really a number one rated facility. I would recommend anyone to go to Dr. Simonian."

- LL

"This office is run very well. I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes from my appointment time. Keep up the good work!"

- LM

"It’s a wonderful group and office. They have great people working there."

- LE

"I'm very thrilled to have Dr. Simonian care for me."

- LR

"Everyone is nice. They are very good with billing."

- LA

"I am very pleased with the results of my procedure and everything in this office is good!"

- LR

"I appreciate having a physician of Dr. Simonian's caliber in our area. I feel lucky to have found him. He is amazing."

- MK

"Keep up the good work!"

- MT

"Dr. Simonian is so mild mannered. He is amazing, gets to the point quickly and I am out in no time."

- MG

"Dr. Simonian is perfect. Do not change him."

- MT

"The office staff is very efficient and Dr. Simonian is very professional."

- MB

"I can see why I have to wait so long, Dr. Simonian is excellent."

- SA

"I am very pleased with the care I received. The front office staff is pleasant."

- MM

"Dr. Simonian is the best and Nathan Miller is great too."

- MT

"Everything is going great so far."

- MA

"I have not had my surgery yet, but I'm very happy with Dr. Simonian. He is very personable, and concered. I love Patti in scheduling too!"

- MK

"Just excellent!"

- MC

"My daughter is recovering very fast. I appreciate everything Dr. Simonian did for her."

- MC

"Dr. Simonian is very organized."

- NR

"I wrote down my appointment time incorrectly, so I was late. Dr. Simonian was very accommodating with me and made it seem like there wasn't any issue at all. I really liked that."

- PK

"I love the entire staff. I rave about Dr. Simonian to everyone. I have recommended his office to others and they now see him as well."

- RA

"So far everything has been great."

- RD

"The staff is always friendly and helpful. On several occasions I was early for my appointment, but they didn't have me wait. I have nothing but nice things to say about everyone there."

- RG

"Excellent doctor! The best in his field!"

- RP

"Dr. Simonian knows what he is talking about. I’ve heard nothing but good things about him."

- RR

"Perfect care!"

- RS

"I am thoroughly pleased with everything. I have had 3 surgeries with Dr. Simonian and every one of them have gone very smoothly. He is very caring, and a real gentlemen."

- RW

"I am very happy with Dr. Simonian's care. I just want to thank him for everything he has done for me."

- RR

"It was nice to know that I was being taken care of by someone as professional and as good as Dr. Simonian."

- RM

"Dr. Simonian is very kind and he makes me feel comfortable."

- RH

"I can't expect miracles at my age, but he's doing what he can."


"I think Dr. Simonian is a great doctor. I would go back to him in a heartbeat."

- RD

"He's a great doctor! Outstanding service!"

- RV

"Dr. Simonian and his staff are awesome! All doctors should be like him."

- RC

"Dr. Simonian has the best bedside manner compared to all of the doctors we have ever met. He is such a good doctor."

- SB

"I think this practice is doing a great job since their move."

- ST

"I was thoroughly impressed with how efficient everyone in the office is. I feel that this office is only getting better as time goes by."

- SH

"Dr. Simonian is an excellent doctor. I really enjoy him."

- SB

"Thank you! Dr. Simonian did a great job."

- SV

"Everyone in this office have went out of their way for me at one time or another. As far as I'm concerned, Dr. Simonian is the best doctor around!"

- TR

"The staff in general are extremely nice."

- TW

"I have referred many people to him. Dr. Simonian and his staff are great. They have a nice set"

- ut

"The service was great! They are very efficient with their time. I didn't have to wait long in the waiting room and they were really good at making me feel comfortable."

- UH

"I like how the office and staff are run. Dr. Simonian is a 10!"

- VD

"I would give Dr. Simonian a 10!"

- WM

"This office is the best doctor's office I have ever been to in my life. I am thoroughly impressed every visit. The staff is friendly and the doctor is amazing."

- WM

"I was very impressed with everything. They are really organized and have a good system to handle all of their patients. This visit went better than I thought it would have. Also, I was very impressed with how quickly I got an appointment with Dr. Simonian"

"Everything has been very good. Dr. Simonian is very knowledgeable and explains everything very well."

"Dr. Simonian is wonderful and the entire staff is excellent. I noticed on my last visit that the staff brought the patient's insurance cards back to them, rather than call the patient up to the window to get it. Small things like that make a big difference."

"They have a really great office."

"Dr. Simonian knows what he is doing and he cares for his patients."

"Dr. Simonian knows what is going on with me and he understands what I need."

"I have already recommended Dr. Simonian."

"I would recommend Dr. Simonian to anybody. He is compassionate. The office is very busy so it took a while for them to get me in."

"I love Dr. Simonian, he's kind and personable. I think he's the best."

"Everything's fine and I didn't wait long."

"The wait time is fair. I like the services provided by Dr. Simonian and the staff."

"You guys do great. I've recommended 5 or 6 people to him."

"I have no complaints."

"They were very busy, but the wait was good. He was very pleasant."

"Great. Dr. Simonian is a 10!"

"It's been very good."

"So far, so good."

"I had a good experience."

"I really like them. He's a great doctor with good staff."

"They do a great job and the staff is helpful. They answer my questions and they truly care about their patients."

"We are very happy with the service. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, and everyone is friendly."

"Everyone was very helpful and friendly. They told me what I needed to do."

"I did not have to have surgery, and that was good news. It took a few weeks to get the appointment after my accident. Then I had a follow-up visit and that was about 5-6 weeks out. I would recommend the office 100%."

"He was very interested in wanting things fixed and having it done in the right way."

"He's wonderful! Very personable, listens to you, and he'll explain it in any way you need. Very warm and welcoming, I love that office."

"Everyone was nice."

"The visit went well."

"Keep doing a great job!"

"I like the way he treated me."

"Everything's excellent. Nice office, nice people, nice service."

"I've never had to call the office yet. I guess the wait is long because he's such a good doctor."

"It is the best office I have ever been to."

"I'm very satisfied. He's very accommodating and professional."

"Everything was pretty good."

"The injections have really helped out my knees."

"They run an excellent office. The wait is only 10 or 15 minutes. I like the early morning appointments."

"I recommend this office all the time!"

"Everything has been great."

"They come highly recommended and did a great job."

"Everything is fabulous. I was going out of town to Canada and they got me right in and helped me immediately. You don't see that kind of service any more. Continue the good work."


"I think everything is wonderful there."

"The wait is usually long. Aside from that, I think they are doing a good job."

"Dr. Simonian makes me feel like I am his only patient. He explains things so I can understand them. The office is better than a "5.""

"Class act over there. I can't say enough good things about them."

"The wait was minimal. I think they did pretty good."

"Keep up the good work. My surgery went great and the doctor was excellent."

"I think so highly of the clinic. I was thinking of even sending the doctor a letter. They take all the steps needed to make a superior office. Jackie was very friendly on the phone. Denise is so helpful. The doctor has really helped me with my should"

"I get the run around when I call. The office could work on following up with the patient more."

"They are doing a good job."

"I love the staff and doctor. They are hands down the most professional staff I have ever seen. They are the best! I really trust the doctor. I have told everyone about them!"

"I still have my arthritis but Dr. Simonian performed a wonderful surgery and I am healing well."

"I have no complaints. I am very pleased with them."

"Everything was great."

"I love Dr. Simonian and their office. Everything is going along well!"

"I just had my surgery this morning and it went well."

"I recommend them."

"They're doing great."

"It's all fantastic! They have a good staff."

"Everything is excellent. I didn't have to wait at all to see the doctor."

"I think it is good Dr. Simonian refers out for knee replacements. He always does what is best for the patient."

"Everything was thorough and pleasant."

"I have a worker's comp case and I go in every 6 months and the appointments are already set up for me."

"I am a walking billboard for Dr. Simonian! They are wonderful and couldn't be better."

"Dr. Simonian shows a great interest in my care."

"Everything was good! They got me in right on time."

"It runs smoothly and the staff is very friendly."

"He seems to be really concerned and wants to know everything before moving forward. He's doing the best he can!"

"I'm really happy with them."

"He is a really good doctor and I'm glad to be seeing him."

"We were pleased with the visit."

"I am so thankful for the surgery Dr. Simonian performed. He did an amazing job and my scars are not even bad."

"I think this is a professional atmosphere and the office is very nice. I have been there 3 times and every visit has been excellent."

"This is a good practice."

"He's one of the best doctors I have seen for my shoulder. I have gone to 3 of them and I chose Dr. Simonian to perform the surgery. I am in recovery now. Slowly but surely I am getting better mobility and strength with the therapy."

"I don't have any complaints. The staff did a good job and I liked Dr. Simonian."

"I would recommend everyone in this office. Dr. Simonian gave me a few options and I liked that."

"I have not felt this good in a long time. Dr. Simonian and the staff did a terrific job."

"I have already recommended Dr. Simonian to someone and they are also very happy with him."

"This is a good office and I have not been disappointed yet."

"I only had to wait about 10 minutes."

"I have had nothing but great visits at this office."

"He is very nice. I was comfortable with him and Kirk."

"I love Dr. Simonian. I think he is great. He has a great personality and he cares. You are more than just a number in that office. Great customer service skills from all of the staff."

"Dr. Simonian was adamant that I call with any problems or concerns. He was very caring and attentive."

"I would recommend Dr. Simonian. He is a great surgeon and I am healing in the timeline he predicted."

"Everything is going well."

"One of the best doctors around. I really like him."

"The office is great. Dr. Simonian was thorough and caring."

"I did not have to wait very long. The sports memorabilia keeps you entertained until you get into a room."

"He seems like a very neat man and I would recommend him."

"I saw Dr. Simonian and Kirk and they were both good."

"It did take a while to get in to see him but I heard he is a great doctor which makes him very busy."

"Dr. Simonian showed a great interest in my care."

"Dr. Simonian explained the injury I had in detail. I understand now exactly what is going on."

"The office staff and Dr. Simonian answered all of my questions."

"Dr. Simonian and staff are the best!"

"I have no complaints at all."

"I have recommended him to other people. I was very impressed with the practice."

"I would absolutely recommend him."

"I have already recommended Dr. Simonian. He is wonderful."

"You guys have done a fabulous job for me."

"I've never been treated any better. He's one of the most personable doctors I've met in a long time."

"He is a great doctor."

"Dr. Simonian is awesome. I couldn't ask for better. The staff is pleasant and this is the best office I have ever had to go to."

"I recommend everybody to this office. They are terrific and they do things efficiently."

"Dr. Simonian has a great bedside manner. He treated me very well. I was impressed. I was referred to him through a friend and I am glad I saw him."

"Dr. Simonian is the best doctor I have ever dealt with."

"He is a very good doctor."

"Dr. Simonian is so good at what he does. Between him and Kirk they have all the bases covered."

"It is so nice they see patients so early in the morning. I never have to miss work and I don't have to wait long because I am the first person there."

"Dr. Simonian and his staff are the best. They all have a smile on and it makes things much more pleasant."

"I waited for about 30 minutes. The girls there are really nice and Dr. Simonian explained everything to me in a way I could totally understand."

"He is the best doctor in town! My husband has had both knees done in the last 2 years and he is recovering just like Dr. Simonian said he would."

"I have recommended Dr. Simonian to so many people. I was very nervous about the operation and everything went great and Dr. Simonian paid so much attention to post op treatment. I am very pleased with how I am feeling."

"Dr. Simonian and his staff took every step to make me a content patient. They are professional, courteous and organized. I was very impressed."

"They are excellent!"

"I liked everyone there. Dr. Simonian told me exactly what was wrong with my shoulder and how to go about treating the problem."

"I would recommend Dr. Simonian to anyone that could use his help."

"The staff gets along so well. I enjoy the staff and especially Dr. Simonian. It did take me a while to get in but he's worth it."

"Dr. Simonian made me so comfortable with the surgery procedure. I had so many questions and he spent time with me to answer all of them. I was very nervous about the operation but it went very well."

"Dr. Simonian has worked on both of my shoulders and I feel excellent."

"Dr. Simonian is the man! This whole office has been such a big help to me and my well-being"

"I'm still healing from surgery and doing physical therapy but when it's all said and done I should be 100% again."

"He's great at what he does."

"They have a great staff and he's the best doctor I've seen in my whole life!"

"He is very interested and courteous. He explains everything to me and I rate him 100%. I only waited about 20 minutes."

"He's great! They don't need any work in any specific area."

"I think they are excellent!"

"I have recommended Dr. Simonian before."

"I would recommend Dr. Simonian."

"This is a very nice office and the staff is great also."

"Dr. Simonian is a great guy. He takes excellent care of me."

"I would recommend this office. It is such a nice facility and Dr. Simonian is the best."

"Everyone treated me well."

"I love Dr. Simonian!"

"I did wait for a very long time to see Dr. Simonian."

"Thanks to Dr. Simonian I will be back on the field playing in a couple of months. My shoulder feels almost 100%."

"He is known for being the best orthopedic surgeon in the valley so it takes a while to get your appointment."

"I am very pleased with my results so far. He is an excellent doctor."

"Dr. Simonian and Kirk are great! I was helped so much. Without the surgery I would have still been miserable."

"I think he is a very good doctor and the visit was fine."

"He is the best doctor and has such a wonderful staff. He has rebuilt both of my knees in the past couple years."

"Dr. Simonian shows a great interest in my shoulder and the future care I will need. He has been able to answer every question I have for him."

"I would recommend Dr. Simonian, Kirk and the staff here. I was pleased with my surgery results."

"Dr. Simonian explained how the whole procedure would go and he made me feel much less anxious and nervous for when surgery day approaches."

"Dr. Simonian treated me very well."

"My shoulder is feeling so much better since I had the surgery. Dr. Simonian has such a positive attitude towards a full recovery."

"I have recommended Dr. Simonian. I am very happy with everything."

"I have been to Dr. Simonian for 2 surgeries and they both went excellent. The staff is so courteous and is always willing to help me when I need it."

"Dr. Simonian, Kirk and the staff here are all terrific! I did not have one problem. They took care of everything for me."

"This is a very good office and I would recommend them. I have been pleased with the service."

"Dr. Simonian explained how the procedure would go and all about my therapy. I think he is the most thorough doctor I have seen. I am confident with his reputation and professionalism."

"It took me close to 3 weeks to get my first appointment. I have a lot of faith in Dr. Simonian and Kirk both. I like his friendliness and his demeanor."

"Dr. Simonian is a wonderful person. He has a good bedside manner. He isn't afraid to answer my questions and give his opinion of where he thinks I will be in 6 months. I think he is honest and he doesn't try to give false hope."

"Dr. Simonian seems to be up to date on current methods and treatments. He is very pleasant and he seems to really care about his patients."

"I don't think there is a better doctor in Fresno. He is knowledgeable and he really cares about his patients. I really like him a lot."

"Dr. Simonian has taken such good care of me. I am recovering faster than even he expected I think. I couldn't be happier."

"The office staff were all very friendly. They all talked to me and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Simonian is a wonderful doctor! You can really tell that he cares by the way he talks to you and the way he treats you."

"The office staff is fabulous! Dr. Simonian is outstanding! I have never been to anyone in the medical industry who has treated me with as much dignity and respect as he does. The good Lord was really looking out for me when he sent Dr. Simonian my way"

"Dr. Simonian is down to earth and an easy going guy."

"I think Dr. Simonian is a good doctor. I like his assistant and his whole staff. I like his entire set up there."

"There isn't a better doctor in Fresno. I have never had to wait longer than 5-minutes because they take me back right away. I had to reschedule my appointment and the office was more than accommodating. I was very impressed with how personable and friendly everyone is."

"The office staff is very friendly and so is Dr. Simonian. He is really a nice man and I think he is doing an excellent job."

"I have never met a doctor like him before. I don't feel like I have to explain what is going on because he took the time to know my chart and my problem beforehand. He really seems to know his patients. He is awesome and I can't say enough about him."

"I had a very good experience with Dr. Simonian and I would recommend him in a heartbeat."

"The office staff is great! The wait time is fantastic! Dr. Simonian is thorough. He definitely covers all the bases."

"Dr. Simonian is very courteous and he talks to me like I am a real person. I really appreciate the way he treats me."

"They office got me in right away to be seen. I was really surprised about that. Dr. Simonian is a really nice doctor. He didn't seem to be rushed or anxious to leave. He is friendly and personable."

"The office staff is wonderful! I have even told Dr. Simonian how wonderful they are. Dr. Simonian asks me questions and he cares about me as a person. He is friendly and down to earth."

"I think Dr. Simonian is tops and so is his assistant. They don't rush me and they both spend time with me. I have done very well with my surgery. So well that my friends can hardly believe it. Dr. Simonian is an excellent surgeon."

"I think Dr. Simonian is very pleasant and easy to talk to. I am a nurse and I did some checking on him before I went to see him and he has an excellent reputation."

"I waited for around 20 minutes to be seen. Dr. Simonian is excellent! He cares and he shows genuine concern."

"Dr. Simonian and his assistant talked to me and explained things to me in a way that I could understand. I think he did a really good job and I am very happy."

"Dr. Simonian is excellent! He seems to be a sincere and concerned doctor. I like him a lot."

"I think Dr. Simonian has done a great job so far. I think he is a very good doctor. Dr. Simonian really cares about his patients."

"I love the time and attention that Dr. Simonian gives. He is detail orientated and I would recommend him to my friends, my family, my co-workers, and to anyone and everyone."

"I like Dr. Simonian's personality and he listens really well. He is very good!"

"Dr. Simonian is always prompt when returning calls. He has a very caring demeanor and he is concerned."

"Dr. Simonian made me feel at ease. He is very knowledgeable and he has an excellent bedside manner."

"The office staff is extra courteous. Dr. Simonian is very good and so far, I have been very pleased with my results."

"The office staff is precious! I have high regards for the entire office. Dr. Simonian is absolutely wonderful and I would do it all over again because of him."

"Dr. Simonian is Man of the Year in my book! I have several friends that I have already recommended to him. I have even passed on the literature that Dr. Simonian gave me."

"Dr. Simonian is professional and he is very easy to talk to. He has made my shoulder feel so much better. I had a great experience with him and his staff."

"I have never met a man like Dr. Simonian before. He is off your scale! He treated me like a person and not a disease. The surgery didn't work but Dr. Simonian didn't make me any promises. He is a fantastic doctor and I would definitely recommend him."

"Dr. Simonian took time with me and he answered all of my questions. He explained things to me. Everything was excellent!"

"Dr. Simonian is excellent! I am very happy with him. He was genuinely interested in what I was saying to him."

"Dr. Simonian was very friendly and personable. He seemed to be very interested and concerned. I would definitely recommend him."

"The office staff is wonderful! It was very easy to get through to the office by phone. Dr. Simonian is the best! He is a very pleasant person and he is not afraid to explain things."

"He is a wonderful doctor and pleasant to be around."

"He really seemed to care and made me feel important like I was his only patient."

"I only waited about 15 minutes. Dr. Simonian was great!"

"He was very interested in my recovery process."

"He is a great doctor. He was so informative to me about me healing process."

"He is the only doctor so it took about 3 weeks to schedule but he was worth the wait."

"Since meeting Dr. Simonian I have recommended him to everyone I know. He has helped me so much."

"The whole staff and Dr. Simonian are so nice."

"He is the best doctor around."

"He took great care of me. I love the staff too."

"He is so personable and does a great job of understanding his patients."

"The staff is all so nice and I really think I am blessed to be treated by Dr. Simonian."

"I love Dr. Simonian and he has done some wonderful things for my health and physical ability."

"I realize how much Dr. Simonian has helped me and I am so thankful for everything. This office has changed my life."

"He was very interested in my care."

"I couldn't ask for a better doctor. He is so amazing."

"He explained everything to me in great detail and answered all of my questions clearly."

"I really like Dr. Simonian."

"He has helped me so much. I don't know what I would do without him."

"Dr. Simonian is awesome!"

"Dr. Simonian is very caring. He was concerned about my general well being and how my healing process was going. I highly recommend him."

"I thought the office staff was very efficient and I was impressed. I was recommended to Dr. Simonian by one of his other patients and I am very satisfied with his diagnosis and care."

"Dr. Simonian has never kept me waiting. He is wonderful! I think I am very lucky to have had him to take my case. I think Dr. Simonian is an extraordinary person. I liked Kirk very much too."

"I couldn't begin to say enough about how great Dr. Simonian is. He is absolutely the best doctor in town. Even the hospital staff where I had my surgery said how much they enjoy working with Dr. Simonian and his staff and how friendly and efficient they"

"I thought Dr. Simonian was caring and he took an interest in me. Everything was fine."

"Dr. Simonian seems to care about how I feel and he seems to really want to help me with my problem."

"Dr. Simonian is very friendly and he is very informative. It was a pleasure to be around him."

"Dr. Simonian is straight-forward and friendly. He is a great doctor."

"Dr. Simonian is excellent! He is a top notch doctor and I feel lucky to have him."

"The office staff is very friendly and very efficient. Dr. Simonian is a wonderful man. He is very knowledgeable and he took a lot of time with me."

"I was very impressed with Dr. Simonian and his entire staff! That has to be the best doctor's office that I have ever been to."

"I could not ask for a better doctor. I liked everything about the office."

"The whole office is so efficient. I don't see any loose ends they need to work on."

"I liked Dr. Simonian's friendliness and his sincerity. He is very direct and to the point."

"I liked Dr. Simonian's friendliness and his sincerity. He is very direct and to the point."

"Dr. Simonian is easy to talk to and he listened to me."

"I think that Dr. Simonian is very nice. He made me feel important."

"The office was really busy, but they were great to me. Dr. Simonian was soft spoken and he was always smiling. He asked me a lot of questions and he made me feel as if he wanted to help me."

"My wait time was about 20 minutes. Dr. Simonian listened to me and asked me questions. He was very confident and he knew almost immediately what was wrong with me. None of the other doctors I had seen knew what was wrong and I feel like I finally have"

"Dr. Simonian has a great personality and we seemed to relate well with each other."

"Dr. Simonian is a very good doctor. He was very courteous and he took the necessary time to answer all my questions."

"I had a 20 minute wait. I have already recommended Dr. Simonian. He is low-key and he takes the time to be interested. He made me feel that no matter what the problem was, he could fix it. He instilled a lot of confidence in me."

"I feel very lucky to have my problem in such a timely manner as to when Dr. Simonian came to Fresno. He is a fantastic physician. He is sincere and professional. I am blessed to have had him to treat me. Can you clone him?"

"Dr. Simonian took the time to talk to me and he seemed to want to help me avoid surgery if I could."

"Dr. Simonian seemed to care. Even my anesthesiologist was impressed with Dr. Simonian because he showed up way before my surgery, verses five minutes before."

"I am very happy with Dr. Simonian and his staff."

"The office staff is wonderful. The shot that Dr. Simonian gave me has really helped. I am sending my husband to see him for his medical problem and I have already reserved my granddaughter to marry him. I think Dr. Simonian is excellent!"

"Dr. Simonian's demeanor is very pleasant and I appreciated that he wasn't rushed. I would rate him a 10+."

"Dr. Simonian is easy going and relaxed."

"Dr. Simonian's credentials are unsurpassed and he is "top notch". Dr. Simonian gave me great advice."

"It was unbelievable how quickly and efficiently the office put everything together for me. Dr. Simonian took time to explain things to me and he really seemed like he wanted to help me. Excellent doctor!"

"I liked the demeanor of the entire office staff. Dr. Simonian really has helped me- I have improved a lot."

"Dr. Simonian was very friendly and informative. He was very professional and I felt he went over and beyond for my son. We really liked him."

"I liked the office very much and I would definitely recommend Dr. Simonian to my friends and family."

"I am very satisfied with the service I received. Dr. Simonian answered my questions directly and he seemed knowledgeable. I liked his mannerisms and how efficient he was."

"Dr. Simonian made everything go smoothly and efficiently."

"Dr. Simonian seemed very concerned and interested. He was courteous and friendly. Dr. Simonian didn't push any extra tests on me and he allowed me to take part in the decision process. I appreciated that."

"Dr. Simonian is a 10+ on a scale of 1 to 5. He was very personable, friendly, nice, and gentle. Dr. Simonian seemed to be very interested in me and my medical problem."

"Dr. Simonian spent a lot of time with me and I felt he was right about everything that he told me."

"Dr. Simonian was very gentle and empathetic."

"The guy is great! I am very happy with my entire experience with Dr. Simonian and his office staff. I am really impressed with how he stitched me up after surgery. He is truly a professional."

"I liked that Dr. Simonian was young and personable."

"Dr. Simonian's expertise was impressive. He seemed to be very caring and he was specific about my treatment. Dr. Simonian was very thorough in his examination and he explained every detail. I trust him completely."

"Dr. Simonian is wonderful! If he ever needs a recommendation from one patient to another, I would be very happy to give it. I was completely satisfied."

"Dr. Simonian made good eye contact with me and he showed a genuine interest. The office staff is excellent. They did back flips and went out of their way to help me."

"I have already recommended Dr. Simonian. I found him to be personable and friendly. I felt very relaxed around him."

"I was very pleased with Dr. Simonian and his entire staff."

"Dr. Simonian treated my wife and I very well. He made eye contact and he even called me after the surgery. I thought that was unusual and it impressed me."

"The Sports Medicine Clinic is the best doctor's office I have ever been in! Dr. Simonian seems to be honest and he won't say what he thinks you want to hear."

"Dr. Simonian is very thorough. He takes his time and I would definitely recommend him. Besides that, he is from the neighborhood."

"Dr. Simonian is kind and pleasant. He is very calming and soothing. I was very comfortable with him."

"Dr. Simonian is one of the best doctor's I have ever had. He's great!"

"I liked Dr. Simonian and his assistant. Dr. Simonian is very polite. He took his time and answered all of my questions."

"I have already recommended Dr. Simonian. He spent time with me and he looked me right in the eye when he listened and spoke to me. He is truly a special kind of doctor."

"The office staff is extremely friendly. Dr. Simonian was efficient, helpful, and seemed to know what he was talking about."

"Fantastic doctor! I felt very confident that I was getting the best care and advice from Dr. Simonian."

"I have recommended Dr. Simonian. I think he takes a keen interest. He is a great listener. Dr. Simonian seems to really want to do everything he can to get his patients back on their feet."

"Dr. Simonian is very personable, warm, and friendly. He is not your typical surgeon."

"Dr. Simonian is very interested in his patients. He really lives up to his reputation of being an excellent doctor. I can tell that he is very much a perfectionist when it comes to his work."

"The office staff was great. I had a 10 minute wait time. I am dancing and doing great! Dr. Simonian is very professional and I think he is knowledgeable. He definitely knows what he is doing."

"I have already recommended Dr. Simonian. He is to the point and he is open for discussion if I need it."

"The office staff is tops! I had a very minimal wait. Dr. Simonian is off the scale! He is concerned and he talks to me and not above me."

"Dr. Simonian showed a lot of interest and he and the office staff followed through with everything they said they were going to do."

"Everybody was nice and friendly. Dr. Simonian is so good. I just love his personality."

"Dr. Simonian has a nice manner. He is very caring and knowledgeable."

"Dr. Simonian is courteous and genuinely interested. He explained everything about the procedure both before and after. The office staff was excellent in how they treated me. Congratulations to them for doing such an incredible job."

"I appreciated Dr. Simonian's friendliness and his straight-forwardness. He took care of me right away when other doctors had taken a wait and see attitude."

"The office staff was really nice. I had no wait at all and most of the time, I barely even got to sit down. Dr. Simonian is one of the best doctors I have ever been to."

"Dr. Simonian was wonderful and so was his assistant. They gave me plenty of time and explained everything to me thoroughly."

"Dr. Simonian was very kind and patient. He was low-key and he put my daughter at ease. Hopefully, we never have a need to go back, but if we should, we will definitely see him again."

"I can't believe how wonderful the office is. I never have to wait, the girls are always so nice, they give me appointments that are convenient for me, and Dr. Simonian lives up to his reputation. Those things are just unheard of this day and age."

"I can't give Dr. Simonian and his office staff enough praise! They are outstanding!"

"Dr. Simonian was wonderful! He was professional and at the same time, he really seemed to care about what was going on."

"Dr. Simonian is very personable and friendly. He seemed interested and concerned. The office staff is very nice and accommodating."

"Dr. Simonian was very friendly. He remembered my name the next time I came in. He was professional and he followed through with what he said he was going to do."

"Dr. Simonian is knowledgeable and willing to share his knowledge. He is personable and I really liked him."

"I couldn't be happier with the care my son received. He had very little pain after the surgery and I think Dr. Simonian is excellent."

"The office staff is wonderful to work with. I think my daughter got back on her feet too soon after the surgery and she is hurt again. Dr. Simonian has an excellent personality. He was calm and he didn't talk down to me."

"I think Dr. Simonian is wonderful! He is very nice and he seems to know what he is talking about."

"I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Simonian. I have had 4 surgeries and this one was by far the best. Dr. Simonian was very up-front and honest about how well he could fix me and he didn't give me false expectations."

"Dr. Simonian is excellent! He talked to me and he explained everything to me in a way I could understand. He is just excellent!"

"Dr. Simonian is a good doctor! I have no problems with him at all!"

"Dr. Simonian's office staff is awesome! They have been great to me! My experience with Dr. Simonian and his office staff has been the best experience I have ever had with a doctor's office. Very impressive."

"Dr. Simonian is phenomenal! He has helped me in every way possible. I have felt cared for and worried about. He is excellent!"

"I was totally impressed with the friendliness and the professionalism of his office staff. Dr. Simonian is interested and gentle. He was willing to talk to me. Dr. Simonian and his office staff are far superior to any other office I have been to."

"I have been to the office on 3 or 4 different occasions and it was so nice to not have to wait. The longest I have ever waited was 10 minutes at the most. It was so strange to me and so nice. Dr. Simonian is very qualified and I have been very happy wi"

"Everything was excellent! I am very happy with the care I received from Dr. Simonian."

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